How can I place a vintage wholesale order?

For handpicked orders (pick each piece yourself) you can book an appointment directly through our Book Now option. You can choose between a video chat (for FREE) or visiting us at our warehouse in Berlin. For mixed lot vintage clothing orders, please Contact Us via email. You can help with the process by providing details on the desired quantity of each clothing category eg. vintage blouses, vintage denim jeans, vintage dresses, vintage skirts, vintage sweaters etc. We will then make a selection based on your exact requirements and we always work to a fast turnaround. Payment is required prior to shipping.

Am I able to handpick my WHOLEsale vintage order?

Yes! We arrange private appointments on site in Berlin for our clients to select items in person. We also "meet" with clients via video chat video appointments (for FREE), allowing our international customers the same personal service as those visiting Berlin. Video chat customers can view and select individual items as well! See the "Hand-pick Selection" in our price list for details and click Book Now to make an appointment. We can also assist you with finding accommodation and we love taking our clients out on the town.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Our commitment to excellence in vintage wholesale means on the off chance you are less than completely satisfied, you are welcome to return 20% of the order. We always get in touch after each delivery and use your feedback to shape your future vintage orders, ensuring we deliver exactly what you need.

Is there a minimum order?

We can assist with wholesale vintage orders of 20 items or more from single or mixed categories. We also consider all special requests, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

What products do you sell?

We have an extensive range of vintage wholesale products. We specialise in vintage blouses, vintage tops, vintage dresses, vintage skirts, vintage jackets, vintage sweaters, vintage trousers and vintage denim jeans. We're confident we can supply exactly what you're looking for. Book Now to make an appointment, we look forward to meeting you!

How is shipping calculated?

The shipping costs are dependant on the weight of your order and the number of boxes.
Costs vary based on location.